Forever hungry while 35 weeks pregnant and breastfeeding

Hungry Horse
Image by swisscan via Flickr

I call myself the hungry horse…nom nom nom. But now baby is getting quite big (as I’m now 35 weeks pregnant), I’m finding it hard to stay full up for long, as I can no longer cram a giant plate of food into my belly.

I can’t eat all my dinner because I get full quickly, but then 30 minutes later (when my remaining dinner has turned cold and nasty) I’m hungry again. This continues for the rest of the evening as I hunt around the kitchen diving back and forth from snacks like hoola hoops, yogurt, cereal bars, fruit and cup cakes.

It’s starting to pee me off just a little bit. I’m even starting to tire of eating cake sometimes – which is unheard of for me.

The hungry pregnant breastfeeding horse
I recall the need to graze a lot during my last pregnancy, but not to this scale. This can of course all be explained because I have a nursing toddler this time around.
Hmm, well that still doesn’t help my hunger.

The last five days Babe (my two and half year old), has also been rather under the weather, so nursing a little more than usual – which has fed my hunger to a point that I am just sick of needing to eat all the time.

I’m running out of snack inspiration!
I’m loving fruit like strawberries and grapes but these just don’t give me the carbs that my body is crying out for. And don’t go there with cereals and toasted yeasted stuff  like bread, bagels, crumpets and the likes – been there, done that, got the temporary full up feeling (I got the T shirt too, but it doesn’t fit anymore). What I struggle with the most is finding healthy snack food that is going to fill me up. If I had more energy I’d bake some nice yummies, but at 35 weeks pregnant, with a toddler and still working full time, this is out of the question.

Not wanting to be a constant moaner. On the upside, I’ve discovered the joys of banana vanilla milkshakes. Which help my dehydration issues, give me a sugar boost and also features one of my five a day.


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