Mummy your hair looks lovely

Hair Drier...!

Yesterday rather than go to the lady round the corner to trim my hair, I splashed out on a pre-birthday and pre-birth top salon hair cut, carried out by the creative director. Honestly I didn’t know hair salons had creative directors, I thought that was reserved for the likes of advertising agencies. But I guess they get that title to be able charge you an extra fiver, and it worked. If I was paying over forty squid for a cut and blow dry, it had better be the dogs £#*llocks. And during that hour and a quarter I was determined to drain every last ounce of relevant hair care advice out of her.

I was suitably satisfied by my cut and newfound knowledge to not feel like I’d been fleeced.

It was Babe’s reaction to my hair cut that made me smile the most. I asked if she thought it looked nice, and she agreed. Then a few minutes later, unprimed she said “mummy your hair looks lovely”. She seemed to love the smell of it too, and repeatedly sniffed my shiny locks in approval.

When daddy got home from work she went on to insist that daddy looks at mummy’s hair.

I adore how toddlers are great at encouraging the best in their parents, and making sure we all spread the love.

“What about mummy’s kiss daddy”

“Say sorry mummy”



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