First connection between toddler and baby

Tonight was the first time that Babe, my toddler, felt baby Boyo kick properly. His little foot chased her hand across my belly. She was marvelled by this and her face beamed with excitement.

While she seems to fully understand there is a baby in my tummy, I wonder if tonight and that responsive interaction really made it real for her.

She is already amazingly considerate about baby Boyo, making him drinks in the bath, kissing the Boyo belly and apologising to him when she bumps into my protruding tum.

I think she is going to be a fine big sister, I just can’t wait for them to meet each other now.


One thought on “First connection between toddler and baby

  1. Barbs says:

    That is so lovely, what more can I say, makes your heart warm! x

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