Constant Toddler Chit Chat

At times when Babe is relaxed it feels like we are being exposed to her internal monologue at 50 decibels. She won’t shut up, everything has to be described and we must, oh god help us, MUST acknowledge the questions and statements as they are burbled out so the whole street can hear. Or she will repeat and repeat until we take notice. I’ve learned this quickly to respond with a resounding “yes dear” “no dear” (or “three bags full dear”).

Most of the time it’s OK, that’s as long as your not tired, ill or feeling noise sensitive. I’m not a big noise sensitive person myself, as I too am not the most quiet person. I also admit that I do talk to myself quite a bit. Not in the nutcase way, just in the mildy irritating way.

But this little lady is my talking notched up by 10; in intensity, loudness and general utter crapness. I have a feeling a may have been similar at her age.

Largely cause I’m not suffering too much from any of the above, I find it very cute. Not sure how I’ll be feeling about that in a months time (just over three weeks till due date with baby Boyo).


One thought on “Constant Toddler Chit Chat

  1. God,Seth does that and its annoying! Iove him but he talks crap non stop. Mostly i choose, Um’s or yeah, is it? or ask him back. cant wait wait for him be learning new stuff in school!!!

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