Nesting? It’s Debatable

People keep asking if I’ve had any crazy nesting instincts yet. The truth is, no. They are all pretty rational things that simply need to get done before our lives turn upside down and I take a cleaning sabbatical as my life becomes all about mothering. Ie nursing and changing nappies, while trying to keep Babe entertained.

For example, the house stuff like cleaning the family bathroom carpet, which has fallen victim to a few too many of Babe’s toilet training accidents. Not that I haven’t been cleaning up as we’ve gone along, but there is a dull ammonia aroma that is really starting to get up my nose.

Then there are the straight forward things that still need to be done, like washing Boyo’s cot bedding and the washable nappies.

I wonder if Babe has started nesting instead? To compensate for my short comings in this area. She loves cleaning. I have multi-surface cleaner diluted in a spray bottle and she enjoys nothing more than spraying the surfaces, cupboards and windows. Which in turn forces me to then wipe them down. My cupboard doors have never looked so sparkly. Her strategy is working well.

Today I’ve reached full term, in other words 37 weeks pregnant. So I’ve plenty of time (I’d like only a week though), to find my inner nesting nerd.

What’s the funniest nesting story you’ve heard.

Or what about your own experience of nesting?


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