The Storm of the Seagulls

An adult seagull (Larus michahellis)
Image via Wikipedia

Living fairly near to the coast we tend to get quite a lot of those ugly beaky birds called seagulls. Which are renowned for their misdemeanours, wether that is pooping on you, pecking your finger or eating your food. My nearest and dearest have been victims of these winged pooping hyenas over the last few weeks, and I’m sensing they are planning their assault on me very soon. Things come in threes, right?

The first instance was a bowel release on Babe’s knee as we packed our mega weekly supermarket shop into the boot of the car. Fortunately hubby was with me, so I was able to let him continue the heavy lifting to wipe off the mess. Babe seemed pretty unpeturbed by the incident.

Not like the latest attack, which involved a great big fat bully bird diving into hubby’s Big Mac, taking half his burger and attempting to amputate one of his fingers. Said bird had been stalking round our patch and hubby had given it a bit of a talking too and the evil eye. Clearly this only jeered the bird on. Needless to say hubby was not best pleased and neither was Babe who all of a sudden got very protective over her fries and went on to tell all the birds around us how naughty they were.

So I’m standing guard, with a packet of tissues at the ready!


4 thoughts on “The Storm of the Seagulls

  1. Barbs says:

    It’s the way you tell the tale and have now finished laughing. I think that everyone can relate to some extent with the seagull scenario – such cunning little blighters!! I remember being with an old friend once and a gull took off with half her jacket potato complete with cheese and bean fillings! The bird had it in its sight, hurtled in from nowhere and made off with its ill gotten gains. SEagulls should wear “No Fear” t shirts!

  2. Amy says:

    You’ve still got your mojo on and we miss you! No doubt you’re enduring stress – but it’s of the poop-dodging variety rather than the project deadline type! Awaiting the news of the new babe’s arrival any day now šŸ˜‰

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