38 Weeks Pregnant: Could I be this way for another month?

I had my fortnightly midwife appointment this afternoon and it struck me that there is a possibility that I could be pregnant for another month yet. Can you hear me in the night (over my snoring)? I’m screaming “noooooo” in my sleep. Thankfully I get good sleep so I should be counting my lucky stars, but still I’m impatient so I’m not.

I was pleasantly surprised when talking with my midwife about running over the standard two weeks overdue, to hear that if I wanted this option I would be allowed to discuss it with a paediatrician. Now I know this is contradicting my desire to end being pregnant, but I will not go down the induction route for that reason alone. If the baby needs to cook a little longer then so be it. But yes, sorry, I will whine.

If you could please send me your lovely labor vibes, that would be great!


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