Clingy Toddler in Late Pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in a blog post that Babe is a lot more chilled out with me on maternity leave and generally we felt she was less needy for my attention all of the time. So I spoke too soon, I now have a high needs toddler, with the needs being focused on mummy.

Last night I tried getting her into her own bed. After two long comfort nursing sessions that failed I gave up, she could sleep and snuggle with me. I’ve been ok with this on the occasions recently, but last night she was the biggest wriggle monster you could imagine. She worked her way off the bed at one point to drop onto the cushions on the floor and remained asleep. For a few seconds I contemplated moving her back onto the bed, but she looked so comfy and I really wanted the bed to myself for a short spell that I left her there. I woke a couple of hours later upon hearing her gently banging her head on the bed frame. She was still asleep but thought now was a good time to get her back into bed (my bed). She seemed to need me to snuggle up to to stay asleep. No nursing was required, merely a snuggle. I’m cool with that as long as she stays put. But she didn’t, wriggle, wriggle, iggle piggle!

In the day she is so clingy, even when it’s just me and her. First thing in the morning she is also wanting a mammoth nursing session, like an hour plus. She is determined there is still milk there an hour in, but surely not. She’s a quick drinker now. I was wondering if it might be colostrum (for baby Boyo due in less than two weeks), and maybe that takes her longer to drink? Yet, I think it’s more likely that she wants the comfort. I’m cool with this morning nursing session in bed as it gives me the perfect excuse to lie back and relax before I need to jump into Babes hugger come entertainer.

It’s the constant neediness throughout the day that can get draining. I do still need to do the dishes and cook tea. Admittedly I resorted to wearing her in the Ergo on my back the other day, just for a few minutes while I moved the dinner along.

I’m convinced this is her knowing Boyo is coming soon and feeling a little insecure. But I’d love to hear about how other older children have reacted in this situation. Better, worse?


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