A Day Alone…and what did I do? Paint

I’m kind of hoping today might have been the last one I have on my own for some time (now just five days till expected due date). Call me delusional, but I can live in hopes.

So what did I chose to do? Touch up the paint on the walls, and guess what? I’ve been loving it. Soooo satisfying! Even my perfectionist husband was suitably impressed when he got home tonight (this rarely happens as I am more of a slap dash kinda gal).

My mum is determined that I had been enjoying the painting too much for me to rationally explain that this is just me getting things done. I’m officially nesting. Apparently during our wall painting chat, thanks to the handsfree headset, I sounded high. Maybe the paint fumes? I sure hope not, here I am eating healthy and stuff to preserve the well being of my baby and to then undo this with paint fumes is just not on.

Anyway back to the suggestion that I sounded high, well I’ve been enjoying it. But maybe, just maybe I can admit that mum is right. I’m hoping that maybe I’ve been having that last minute splurge of energy some women talk about, just before going into labour. Maybe tonight could be the night. Maybe maybe baby…but no further signs yet 😦

Back to my painting. I’m hoping reading this post isn’t going to be as dull as watching the stuff dry. What is so fab about wall painting that is just about touching up, is there is non of the fiddly diddly bits, just covering up the real obvious nasty stuff. It’s the instant results kind if DIY I like. Plus I don’t have to worry about meeting the high standards of the other half.

With Duffy and Amy MacDonald turned up high, I spent my day painting while jiggling the baby belly in an effort to persuade him to get a wiggle on. Subsequently I didn’t hear my mobile or the landline ringing multiple times, leaving hubby wondering and worrying that maybe I’d gone into labour. Yesterday I also missed his calls due to the toddler racket. The poor guy might go into fake labour himself at this rate, if I keep leaving his calls unanswered. Must remember to keep the racket down and turn up the ring tone!


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