The New Toddler Routine is Working a Treat

Since I finished work and no longer have to juggle our waking hours to enable me to cram in my full time job and spending and much time as possible with my toddler, we have adopted a new routine and it’s fantastic.

You could call it more of a typical toddler schedule and it seems to be working really well for us all. I even get to chill out in the evening to watch tv and spend some proper time with my husband.

By doing the following, Babe is going down to sleep (and I mean fast asleep not just to bed), between 7.15pm and 8.00pm.

1) Most days we have eliminated naps
2) We are getting her up at between 7.15am and 7.45am. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting out of bed, we might have a morning nursing session for 30 minutes to gently woo us into the day.

I think she has also matured to the age where she can cope without a nap, which has been a fundamental factor in making this change work.

Ahhh the harmony. I’m not banking on it going as smooth as clock work when baby Boyo arrives (any day now), but you never know. We’ve laid the foundations and will just have to go with the flow when the chaos is here.


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