40 Weeks Pregnant Today

I can’t help feeling a tinge of disappointment as after some great signs of imminent labour yesterday, all has gone very quiet on the “baby a comin” front today. Well I appreciate it’s early days, the middle of the night in fact, but still. Saying that, as I type this sentence another braxton hick makes itself known, but of the gentle kind. Not the back aching, I wonder if this is the start of something amazing kind.

So here we are, at the scan predicted expected due date. I wouldn’t be feeling quite so pissed right now if it wasn’t for how I’d been feeling yesterday. Having intense braxton hicks, real niggly back pain and undergoing a system clear out. I really did wonder if tonight, what with the full moon and everything, might be the night.

Yesterday I also had my full term midwife appointment which went well and she confirmed that baby Boyo’s head is now pretty much all in my pelvis. If I thought I looked like an obese penguin before, now I’ve really got the act down to an art. But no Happy Feet here (great film by the way), just the plop flop waddle poddle, scuttle shuffle of my glum ass moving around the room.

But on the lighter side, although I shouldn’t use the world lighter, as I lie on my side trying to find a comfortable position to resume sleep; I definitely feel like a beached whale. But back to looking up, yesterday’s progression is still great to hear, I guess it was my body training to get me physically and mentally ready for the marathon of labour ahead. At least it prompted me to charge my iPod ready and get the cupboards stocked up with food.

There was also a small part of me that didn’t feel quite mentally ready, I was surprisingly feeling a little apprehension about labour, which I was somewhat taken aback by. Maybe I just needed yesterday to force me to straighten my ducks out, as they had already been neatly placed in a row.

The midwife did offer to help things progress yesterday with a sweep (membrane separation). I declined and I don’t regret that. It’s much too early in the process to start interfering with what my body is trying to naturally get on with. I was surprised she even offered. But she did agree, that it could just irritate things and my body seems to know what it’s doing. We went ahead and scheduled another appointment to review progress in a weeks time and she mentioned that nasty word, ‘induction’. I clenched up at this point, there is no way I’m going to embark on this without consulting a paediatrician first. But she did doubt very much that we will be waiting till next Monday to see each other. So here’s hoping.


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