Going For The Water Birth

Impact of a drop of water on a water-surface.

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After extensive discussions and research I’ve settled for aiming to have a natural waterbirth in hospital. If I’m honest, it’s not my first choice, a homebirth is, but with our current circumstances its not something we can realistically consider. Although we do have some emergency supplies just in case things should escalate before we get to the hospital.

I wanted a waterbirth with Babe, but her position was such, that I needed to get out the tub and try other positions. So I part laboured in the water and gave birth on the bed – not ideal, but it was natural and we had tried every other natural birthing position. So this time, I’m aiming to actually deliver in the water.

I’m lucky, we have a good maternity facility at my local hospital with three roomy birth pool suites, complete with CD player and ensuite. The labour care from the midwives is great and they are very good at promoting breastfeeding. The downside is the post natal care, but as they like to kick you out straight away when it’s not your first born, I’m not dwelling on this issue as it’s unlikely to affect me. If I do need to stay overnight I doubt they will bundle me in a room with others because of my sleep apnea and loud snoring. Last time there was no question, I got a room of my own. I’d not want to inflict that on an exhausted new mother and her baby. I made sure to note this in my birth plan just in case. That’s the cool thing, my babies know nothing different than me snorting away in my sleep.

So now I’ve banished those pictures you might of had in your mind of peaceful sleeping mother and baby… there is no peace in my house what ever the time of day.

My TENS machine is ready to go for early labour pain relief, and I was going to pursue the aromatherapy option, with lavender. I heard Jasmine was good, but upon nearly purchasing a bottle, found out how pricey it was – about £17, ouchie ouch! I quickly told them to put it back.

As for other pain relief, I confess, don’t brandish me too hard with the hippy stick, but I’ve always been a fan of creative visualisation. So I’ve been working hard on some great places to go visit, or things to picture in my mind during contractions. One lady in my active birth class explained that during her last labour she imaged being on a nice caribbean beach with a wonderful caring round faced caribbean lady tending to her. I kind of like that one, might take a trip there myself yet.

Right, so plans are in place, all I need is labour to start.

“I’m ready Boyo, all ready, please finish up in the bathroom and make yourself presentable.”


One thought on “Going For The Water Birth

  1. claire duberry says:

    Well, looks like a full moon tonight – that means it’s time boyo

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