Just Past Midnight and Another Labour False Alarm

The midnight hour was here, the clock had struck and it was officially my birthday. I was asleep at the time working on some weird complex prego dream, when four minutes past I woke suddenly to feel…ooo ouchie. With the thought of ‘oh puck, you little minky, you wait until now to get this labour show on the road.’ I really did think I was going into labour this time, but fortunately it was another practice run. How many rehearsals is this gonna take? Do I keep flunking my lines that much? I didn’t have this first time around, just a long labour.

I have been comforted by knowing that all this prep is likely to result in a quick a smooth labour when it does happen for real.

Today I am tired, because sleep from midnight to four am was very broken and Babe has had me awake early this morning to nurse. So happy birthday to me, and thankyou to Boyo. Now we just need to keep labour away for the rest of the day.

I feel now that this baby really is coming soon. Just not till past midnight tonight please.


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