Nearly 41 Weeks Pregnant

thank you note for every language
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“Hi, how are you? Still pregnant then?”

“Umm yes, I’d be shouting it from the root tops if I weren’t”

Actually I’m not getting wound up at these kind of enquiries, I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who have been tracking these last few weeks of my pregnancy and want to say thankyou. I appreciate the words of encouragement and the regular contact makes the waiting all the more bearable.

In many ways I’m not surprised that my due date has been and gone and I’ve had my nearly 41 weeks midwife appointment. In other ways, this time last week the I thought the chances were exceptionally slim that I would be sat here today all alone, enjoying another few hours of peaceful chill-out while Babe is at the childminders. I also thought I would be going out of my crazy little mind if I did reach this point. But I’m not, I’m actually feeling calm and philosophical about the whole dragging on process. Besides according to the World Health Organization, you are not officially over due till 42 weeks. So another 8 days yet.

Midewife visit
My midwife came by my house this morning for the routine (nearly) 41 week check up. Where I had the usual checks and it seems baby and I are really fit and well. My blood pressure has continued to stay nice and low and baby Boyo’s heartbeat is good. My bump measures much smaller than last week, from 38cms down to 34cms. But apparently that is because his head is right down in my pelvis now and his back is swung over to the side. As a consequence of him being down low, his movements are pretty uncomfortable, so I’ve been relieved that he is a little quieter. Yesterday I was also able to bend down and contort myself into a position to redo my chipped toe nails without being out of breath – this IS important, as I’m still living in flip-flops (despite the rain). I hope to not be in a position where I need to do the toe nail painting contortionist act again.

What happens next
I go into labour that’s what! No seriously, if that doesn’t happen by Thursday I agreed on some ‘interference’, NOT induction. Induction is a dirty word to me. I’ve made it very clear, that is not an option till next week unless there is a medical requirement. The midwife talked about booking me in for an induction on the 12th day over due, – Sunday. But we discussed and agreed the alternative option, which is to go and see a consultant (pediatrician) on Friday or Monday to be monitored instead. They can then discuss further extension options with me…yippee! Credit to my midwife, she was great today. Even brought me a pack of big floor/bed soaky pad things should my labour progress quicker than I expect and Boyo arrives at home.

In the meantime (for the moment at least) I’m going to make the most of this waiting to enjoy time with Babe, the OH and bask in the glory of getting plenty of sleep.


2 thoughts on “Nearly 41 Weeks Pregnant

  1. well done and good for you. i am normally a mardy crazy woman at this stage. I hate it with the passion of a 1000 fires! you’re douing great! xx

  2. LOL I would have to agree with Gemma on this one. I carried twins to 40 weeks, which is really rare apparently. I don’t think I could have made it another week 🙂

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