The Boy is Two Weeks Old

I can’t believe it, Boyo is 14 days old today. How did that happen? They say time flys when your having fun and they’d not be wrong. These last two weeks have been so amazing, we have had the best family time together – just Babe, Boyo, hubby and I.

I know it’s not the same for all families, but having a second child has been so much easier for us than having the first. Mind you, I’m probably speaking waaaay to soon.

Perhaps much of this is down to the fact that Babe, our toddler of three in December, has not experienced one bought of jealousy and has generally been an awesome big sister. There is no denying it, she has had her two year old tantrum moments, but they have been far less frequent than I anticipated given the circumstances.

She loves most things about her little brother, even the pooie nappies and the nursing sessions. When I’m breastfeeding the boy, she often takes this as her queue to also join in on the milk fest. Sometimes I’m thankful for this, no entertainment challenges while nursing. Other times it irritates me massively and I desperately try to find ways to distract her from latching on to the other side.

She’s not ordinarily big on doling out the kisses, but for Boyo that’s a different story…kisses all round for the wee man.

The developing character
It’s true what they say about every child being different. I tell you what, this boy has a set of lungs on him. Upon testing these he usually doesn’t limber up, it’s all of a sudden; screams that are enough to make anyone jump out their skin. What the… where did that come from? Sometimes there is some grumpiness before hand or possibly some whimpering. We have nick named him the ‘puppy dog’ as he is very fond of whimpering like a puppy in his sleep. Very cute, but I’m not sure he’ll thank us for that when he’s older.

Yes it’s true he is generally very content and chilled. My gosh, with his vocal cords I’m mighty glad.

He has also developed the cutest little mannerisms, which can also look slightly creepy. Like the slanty side mouth lip sucky motion he makes when he’s hungry. “Come on people, where’s the booby?” When he does this, or tries to snog you in an attempt to root around for something that will give mama milk, we know not to mess. All action stations, he needs food. Drop everything, don’t push your luck, or try to buy time. Unless you can tolerate that full on piercing cry. I’ll be honest, unless I really have to delay, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

But he’s not overly demanding, so when he wants something now, we can usually accommodate him. I’m not sure how this is going to work as I juggle the toddler and him full time. A perforated eat drum wouldn’t surprise me in the future.

Family time and clear roles
This time around not having to embark on that big steep learning curve has made things so much easier, communications are great and we’re all cutting each other some slack. We each know where we can and can’t help, so no one is left feeling frustrated or useless.

So hubby goes back to work tomorrow, and so comes a new challenge for all of us. Let’s hope the next phase goes as smoothly as the last.


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