Tandem Nursing & Bedtime

Most parents of little people (I think) must feel the love hate feeling of kiddie bedtime. The tantrums, the cries and the down right frustration that comes from trying to get the tired little ones off to sleep.

On the other hand, there is the joy of when they are off in the land of nod and you can claim just a few minutes as your own – glug down that wine and gorge on chocolate. If your breastfeeding like me, its less about the vino and more about the chocolate, biscuits, left over dinner (basically anything that looks remotely edible).

I have always nursed Babe, my toddler to sleep at night. She can get off to sleep without me, but if I’m around then there it’s not up for discussion in her book. I embrace this mostly, it’s our special snuggle time – just me and her.

Since Boyo arrived just over two weeks ago, I tried to retain this exclusive mama and daughter time. But often failed. With an evening cluster feeding newborn to tend to, it was stressing hubby and I out. I felt pressurised to get the toddler asleep ASAP so I could go downstairs and tend to baby. It made me tense and that relaxed time I used to embrace was something I started to resent. Things soon came to a head when Boyo needed to feed while I was settling Babe down for the night. As I’ve explained before, with a loud piercing cry like his, no one wants to argue.

So I had to get creative and start practicing those acrobatic tandem positions I’d read about.

We’ve figured it out now, I mostly take Boyo up to bed when settling Babe down for the night. I don’t need to stress about how long it takes and she is more than happy to have him join in the bedtime reading and nursing session. We’ve found a a body pile up kind of tandem nursing position that everyone is comfortable with. Which involves Babe and I sitting up/lying down on three pillows. I kind of lie part of my side towards Babe while she nurses on the left and then I cradle hold Boyo on the right, with his legs lying across her and sometimes her legs tucked under mine. It’s a real mingled body pile up, but it works.

With the toddler asleep, I can later transfer her into her own cot bed. Theoretically that is. Tonight I’ve been unsuccessful on the bed transfer and as a result it’s the three of us in my double bed with cosleeping crib for Boyo. Babe sleeps through everything, thank-goodness.


One thought on “Tandem Nursing & Bedtime

  1. barbs says:

    Thanks for the card – how cute! Dad and Grandad loved coming down – both very gushy about the whole thing. By the way hope you didn’t forgat it was Grandad’s 95th birthday. Spoke to mum and she is, at present, okay with being in the land that time forgot. She is going to work really hard on her Irish peeps to make sure she a) gets a telephone b) gets Skpe ) gets tv!! Love to you all B!!

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