Don’t Touch My Baby!

Keep your hands off and kisses to yourself!

What is it with some people who think its totally acceptable to come up to your baby and kiss them, even though you don’t know them at all?!

Like the gentleman in the supermarket that came up to my son while in his car seat and kissed him. Without asking and without us even knowing him.

It totally catches you off guard.

Then what are you supposed to say? They are not being nasty, but unintentionally over stepping the boundaries.

So tell me, do you agree or am I being over protective? And how would you respond?

This is partly why I love wearing my babies so much, no one can touch them without getting very very close to me. The fact that I often honk of milk, is a great deterrent. People are much less likely even when I pull back the folds of my wrap, to plump up a cheek or grab a hand with their grubby mits. I recognise I’m not setting a fab example on that side of things myself BUT, this is my baby and I know where I’ve been. Maybe they’ve just been smoking? Maybe they have a coldsore? Maybe…oh maybe…just get off my baby!


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