Trains, Trolleys a Toddler and a Baby

This is my first full week going solo with the full brood (if you can call two a brood) cluck cluck.

I’ve already done my fair share of sqwarking and wing flapping. But its not all been scratching in the dirt, there have been some triumphant, almost moments or pure joyous flight, and that’s just Monday and Tuesday.

Monday Mother Hen Wing Flapping
Babe started off grumpy from a grizzly mildly unsettled night before. Getting out the house in the morning was a must, or else we each risked pecking one an another. The boy, well he was no trouble.

I’d already decided to take Babe along to a music and movement class called Musik Garten. With our place secured by a quick phone call, I attempted to use the promise of a train trip to a music class to encourage her to be moderately pleasant. She wasn’t buying it and wanted to get in the buggy early. Yay, this was the 30 minutes I needed, although she whined the whole time about leaving the house. But I managed to wash the dishes, put the washing on, do the first brief tidy up for the day and get Boyo and myself ready. The problem was, by the time we left the house at 10.22am (yes astonishingly I recall the exact time) I was already feeling hen pecked.

The train trip went well and I managed to find the venue without too many hitches. Admittedly I did have to call my friend Jane, who had introduced us to the group, but that was only cause a builder had mistakenly told me this was not the venue (despite me being quite confident otherwise). The group was brilliant despite Babe being very clingy. Then afterwards we walked back to the train station and explained to hubby that we would be home for lunch by 1.15pm to meet him. I had some spare time so enjoyed the cheap and tat of the poundshop. With ease I managed to stack up enough purchases to pay on card (over £5). We hot footed it to the train station and arrived in perfect time, with three minutes to go. But baby Boyo decided to get grumpy and I knew he was well overdue a nappy change and maybe more milk.

Ever thinking I might just be capable of laying a golden egg, we jumped into action to change his nappy in the buggy. The train then arrives, but I know I’ve got time. I bundle everything together and dash for the doors as they are shutting. I press the button and nothing. I’m next to the driver and he ignores me. I want to squwark and flap my wings, but I know I’m defeated. I’d pushed my luck and the train rolled off with my hand almost still banging on that bleedin’ button that failed to light up.

Squwark! Worse still I knew hubby would have left work to come home and meet us…and I’d got the bread for lunch. I knew I was going to be in the hen house. OK so time to settle down and feed four week old Boyo and wait for the next train 30 minutes later. Just as the going was good Babe decided she needed to pee and they only had one loo at the station on another platform (argh). So up we got, we had to go quick. We got back and my seat was taken so I had to nurse standing up. It’s a good job I’m a pro! Alas our train came and we scuttled on crest fallen but glad to be heading home at last. At the other end I almost sprinted home and fortunately hubby was still home and thankfully he’d improvised with the crust of bread left in the bread bin. The afternoon did get better from there, but I didn’t reckon much to my homemade bread and butter pudding.

And despite Babe falling out of bed in the night and wetting herself, she slept through and didn’t bother me till 7am in the morning.

Tuesday Trolly Dash
I’d decided that other mums could do it, so so must I. Do the weekly shop with a baby and toddler.

After a lazy morning in the house, I was ready for the challenge. Babe was fed and watered, Boyo part fed and off we went. It was a triumph, yes we did have to finish off the feed and do a nappy change pretty much as soon we got into Sainsburys, but after that he snuggled in my Moby wrap and went to sleep. Then Babe became the golden girl fetching and carrying upon request. No fussing from neither at the till, and the final loading into the car went without a hitch. I managed to get home, feed baby, put away shopping, do a roast and bake a cake all before 5.30pm.

I’d say that was one all! Now let’s see if I can defeat this week.


2 thoughts on “Trains, Trolleys a Toddler and a Baby

  1. Erm, thats pretty amazing! LOVING THE MOTIVATIO! Keep it up X

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