The Snotty Todler

“Mummy I’ve got a runny nose”

I’m thinking, yup no shit Sherlock, you just smeared it all over my trouser leg, thanks. The kids are on a joint top and tail mission, the toddler snots on me from waist down and the baby pukes on me from waist up. Nice. So pleased I haven’t got round to buying those much needed new clothes.

*Cough cough* “Please don’t cough in Boyos face darling, oh and put your hand to your mouth please.”

Babes got a cold, so have I, and Boyo too. Hubby by some miracle has managed to dodge it for the last two and a half weeks, thank goodness, I didn’t need a poorly man on my hands too.

The worse thing has to be being on constant nose wiping duty for Babe. If she is not whining to have her nose wiped, she’s snorting it out her nostrils to see how gross she can make it look. Then to top it, I discovered the other day that after washing her hands and drying them, sometimes she uses the hand towel to wipe her snotty chops. Yuk!

We now have coughs and I can hear her hacking away in her sleep. I should be thinking, my poor little baby. Instead I’m thinking, please don’t wake up it’s my bedtime and your brother has already thrown up all over my bed, myself and his bed thanks to his thrush medicine.

I’m hoping for a less snotty day tomorrow.


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