The More You Do, The More You Can Do

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This is my new mantra. Mostly I love it, sometimes I hate it.

It’s true, for those people wondering how they would cope having a second child, I just want to reassure you (in the same way people did for me), that it’s amazing how you adapt. Firstly you get used to mayhem, the you learn some good lessons on how to minimise it. Sometimes you over step the mark, other times you surprise yourself. The upshot is, you become even better at multi tasking.

I’ve not yet worked out how to keep a good balance all day, in fact the shit usually hits the fan about dinner time, or just before. 4pm to be precise. The end is variable, sometimes it ends when daddy gets home, sometimes it drags on for what seems like an evening code-named ‘eternity’.

Mondays over the last few weeks have made me love and hate this phrase. The first Monday under scrutiny was pants, I was doing so well then I pushed my luck (read the full story here). Then this Monday was a different story, I felt like super mum.

In the morning I’d taken Babe to our new music movement class (Musik Garten) and followed it up with a cuppa accompanied by my friend and her daughter. We caught the bus home, to have an hour before going back out to catch the train to the doctors. In this hour I had a lot to do. Make my bed (as Babe had emptied her bladder in it just before getting up), prep dinner (peel chop potatoes and veg while not forgetting to locate and thaw something remotely appetising on the protein front from the freezer), feed and nappy change baby, unload the washing machine and put clothes on the airer, replenish nappy change bag and get everyone ready to go out again. Phew!

The next hour was set to be the most strenuous. I had a small window of time to get off the train, hot foot it to the doctors and then pelt it back to the train. This was worsened by the outward bound train being eight minutes late. My running/fast walking with a baby on my front, pushing a toddler in a buggy up and down dale was the best work out I’ve had in a looonnngggg time (yikes how unfit I am). I just made it to the doctors in time, attended the appointment and even went to the chemist, before thundering it back down and back up the hill, with the final traverse up the steps to the platform for the train to roll up at the very second I got there. I kid you not, 10 seconds later and I’ve missed the train and been walking all the way home in the dark at dinner time.

This is my way of living on the edge! And stupidly I felt like superwoman afterwards. I got home and put the dinner on which turned outt remarkably tasty.


2 thoughts on “The More You Do, The More You Can Do

  1. wow! go you, if i’d have been that busy i’d have done oven food ;-p you make me feel like i should put more effort in! xxxx

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