Three Years Breastfeeding & Three Months Tandem Feeding

Ask me three years ago about breastfeeding, and I’d have told you I didn’t know much but I’d be giving it a blooming good go. Three years on, Babe is three and still nursing (about two/three times a day) and baby Boyo is three months old and nursing strong. Who’d have thought it (not me) that I’d be nursing a toddler and doing tandem feeding too. In those dark nights during the early days I thought I’d be lucky to last three weeks or three months, let alone three years.

The truth is, despite the health benefits, my babies and I love num nums…erm, sorry, I mean breastfeeding. A pet name comes in handy when out in public. The last thing I wanted my toddler saying at the top of her voice out in public is “I want boobie now mummy, give me boobie!” I’m brazen about nursing in public, but that would have just been a bit too forward for me.

Some people ask when I plan on stoping Babe (the 3yo) from having num nums, and I’ve declined them an answer. I want her to make that choice. I just don’t know what the cut off is either. I originally thought a year was enough, my opinions have changed and I’ve learned not to forecast this situation – but let it evolve. I ask people therefore in the meantime not to cast judgement and respect that I am doing what I feel is physically and emotionally best for my children. Call me a hippy if you will, but you might be better to call me dedicated and focused, I’d like to think that’s a more accurate description.

I did ask Babe yesterday if she thought she was too old for num nums. I got a firm ‘no’ 😉

So I’m not looking at the end, because I don’t know when it will be. In the meantime the three of us are enjoying the journey and daddy’s appreciating the peace.


2 thoughts on “Three Years Breastfeeding & Three Months Tandem Feeding

  1. Katie pedley-barrow says:

    I’m loving watching your journey as your family grows. Xander is nearly 20 months and is still nursing 3-4 times a day even though I’ve doubted myself a few times as to if it’s actually giving him any extra benefits, and I’ve now learned to just go with the flow. He will wean when he’s ready and he’s showing no signs of that yet! Keep your posts coming, they make me realise my instincts are right 🙂

    • Thanks, congrats to you on your breast feeding journey. Hope you haven’t had to battle the opinion of onlookers too much – but I guess they know you’re hardcore now .

      It’s great to get feedback like this, particularly when I’m finding it tough to find the time to write.

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