How To Do Father Christmas

There are many nuances according to family, on the rituals etc surrounding father Christmas. This being the first year for us with three year old Babe, means we’ve had to figure out how we want to do it as a family and what is practical.

So this is the way it’s working…

We’ve sprinkled magical reindeer dust on the patio, put reindeer food on the lawn and laid out a chocolate cupcake and a glass of port for father Christmas to nourish himself with.

The pillow cases, not tiny stockings, have been laid on the living room floor for the big man to fill with presents. We’re leaving them there, not in Babes room for one main reason. If she wakes in the night to come to my room she’ll find it and they’ll be a middle of the night present opening fest and I DO NOT want that. And erm…well that’s how we did it as a kid.

What are your father Christmas rituals?


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