Little People Progress – Preschool, Rolling and Eating

I know its no surprise, but tolerate my melancholy please. My babies are growing up…sniffle sniffle. Babe (now over three) started preschool yesterday afternoon. I was fine dropping her off, absurdly it was picking her up that made me almost well-up. I had to give myself a good talking to to prevent the old puffy eyes and red cheeks breaking out.

Baby Boyo (now almost four months old) also experienced a couple of first experiences within the last couple of days.

A) Firstly the one I’m proud of. Master Chunk rolled from his front to his back (with his nappy on). He’s done it during ‘nappy off time’ on a few occasions but not till now with his huge bum clad up with cloth nappy. Before I know it he’ll be crawling and being a general menace…argh!

B) Secondly something I’m not so chuffed about – his first food. Yes much too early, but it was a bit of an accident. Babe decided to share a tiny piece of her cheese and chive crackers with her little brother. I immediately attempted to fish it out, but he’d already swallowed. Hmm I was not impressed, but no harm done. I’m planning on doing baby lead weaning this time around, not big sister lead weaning (thanks darling). And NOT before six months…so stay away you eager feeders.

In many ways I can’t believe that Boyo is nearly four months old, and I admit that I’m loving the stay at home thing. Sadly it can’t last for ever and next week I have my first meeting with my new boss to discuss my plans going forward. As my mum would say, everything in transient – so I’m just enjoying the moment right now.


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