Four Month Growth Spurt

I’ve got one very hungry hippo, this boy won’t stop drinking. Pretty much every hour around the clock he wants some num nums. Never before have I been so grateful for cosleeping. As you might imagine, I in turn am one hungry mama. This morning I woke up feeling like I hadn’t been fed in days. To top it, because of the morning mayhem, I didn’t have chance to eat my giant bowl of porridge before charging out the door to prescool with baby on boob and three year old in tow.

Why is it whenever you are late little people take the chance to dawdle? “Mummy look at this”, “mummy I’ve dropped my cardigan”. This is the blasted cardigan she refused to put on under her coat before we left, that consequently was dragged along the pavement for a large part of the walk to school.

Back to baby Boyo on his growth spurt. “Oh you’re feeding” exclaimed one mother as I thanked her for holding open the gate. “You always seem to be feeding.” It really has felt like it for the last day. She’d seen me in the park after school yesterday nursing baby Boyo while racing around pushing swings, lifting my daughter on and off the bouncy whizzy thing etc.

And so much for not being a zombie mum…I think I might be halfway there today. I’m so thankful that this is Babe’s full day in preschool. If I’m lucky I might cram in a nap before picking her up at 3pm.


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