Teething Has Begun

“He’s wearing a necklace?!” People exclaim thinking what the heck is she on with this time? I’m very inclined to reply with sarcasm along the lines of “I’m planning to rear him gender neutral, and don’t you know – he also wears pink dresses.” But I stop myself getting defensive of my non mainstream parenting methods and offer a polite explanation instead. Why of course they would wonder, I would have asked the same question a couple of years ago.

You might be one of those people still wondering, fair enough…

My handsome little four month old boy is sporting a honey toned Baltic amber teething necklace. It’s not just to make him look super cool, there is s health reason. It’s to ease teething pain. Some of my crunchier mama friends swear by them. When it comes to teething, if it’s natural we’ll try it.

Apparently natural Baltic amber promotes fast healing and boosts the immune system. Something about reducing acidity in the body? How does it work? By being worn against the skin, the warmth releases natural healing oils – the stuff that is supposed to help keep infants stay calm and more relaxed during teething.

I can’t yet comprehensively comment on the effectiveness, but I’ll keep you posted. What I can say is that since he’s worn it we’ve had no sessions of inconsolable crying.

If you too are thinking about this option, be sure to get gueniue Amber, there are imitation cheaper versions out.


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