Baby Boyo Four Months Old

I’d say he’s perfect in every way, but then he does have rather a scabby head and poops a little more than I’d like 😉 But apart from that he’s the business.

My fear of not falling madly in love with baby Boyo the same way as my first born seems ridiculous now. We are in separable, I go no where without him. Another room is the largest distance that we can both cope with at the moment. Even if he’s deep in sleep, I’m not going anywhere without my baby!

My how time has flown by, he now giggles (a most handsome gurgly cackle), rolls over from his front to back (mostly out of frustration – ‘ma what do I want to stare at your scanky carpet for?’) and lots more cool things like properly holding a weighty object.

I adore the way he drinks his mama milk, will stop part feed and just look up and smile or coo – as of to say “hello”. I’m not so enamoured with the way he pulls off the towel covering his nether regions during nappy change and then pees on my bed. Or poops, poops so forcefully that it splatters the wall a couple of feet away (yeah sorry perhaps a bit too much information there).

After a few weeks or hardcore feeding he has really begun to chunk up…with gorgeous rolls of baby fat (not too fat, but you know, not wiry). I suspect this boy is going to eat us out of house and home. I think I will have yo start baking a cake a day soon, what a shame (I do so lurve licking out the bowl).


2 thoughts on “Baby Boyo Four Months Old

  1. miq says:

    Oh how I love when we’re nursing and she stops to look at me. And when during that brief pause she’ll put her hand on my face or my chest. I love it! Right up to the point where she digs her nails into my flesh and won’t release it. But I try not to think about that moment. It’s the perfect moments before it I try to remember.

  2. Barbs says:

    You’re all loved up! Eating you out of house and home is okay…as longa s he grows out of flashing his nether regions and decorating the walls – prospective girlfriends and parents may not be so forgiving lol!

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