I Nearly Bottled It

I’m not talking about bottle feeding my baby, that’s for tomorrow. This is all about the preschooler.

I’ve been feeling like a bit of a bad mother today…

Babe (my three year old daughter), had all morning been saying that she didn’t want to go to nursery this afternoon. I tried to explain how much fun it would be and that her friends would miss her, but she was having non of it. I thought if I could say she didn’t have to go, that she would change her mind in the last minute. That didn’t happen. I was foolish and had to break my word.

I almost bottled it and let her come home with me. Thankfully our old childminder was there too, dropping off Babe’s best friend. She explained that the longer I hung around the worse it would be.

I left while a lunch lady held her back trying to reach for me, crying and crying…and I walked out the door.

If our old childminder hadn’t walked me up the road I’d have been crying all the way home. The wind (yeah right) caused my eye to water a little. But when I got home I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Hubby got home at lunch to a silly crying wife. By this time I’m sure Babe would have been over it.

So I texted my spy in the camp, my friend who works in the nursery – to ask if she could go check and report back. All was fine – phew.

What I felt most guilty about was that I went back on my word. Almost like I’d tricked her, but I had no intention of doing that. It was only when realising the implications of giving in to her now, that I changed my strategy. I didn’t regret putting my foot down, but I felt like a fraud, that I’d betrayed her.

I explained to her tonight that I was sorry I mislead her and that I shouldn’t have lied. I’m not sure if she understood, but it made me feel better.

If there are some things I want us both to learn from today they are:

– be true to your word and don’t tell fibs
– don’t sweep things under the carpet
– always apologise for your wrong doings

Let’s hope I’m a better mother tomorrow.


One thought on “I Nearly Bottled It

  1. Barbs says:

    Heck, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t…you know the bigger picture..x

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