Talking Time With Babe

Three year olds say the funniest things. I find it adorable how Babe merges two words into one, or uses a single word in place of a sentence.
Prime example: “Let’s do this first-do, idea?”
Translation = “Lets do this first, is that a good idea?”

Then there is repetition of phrases I have said to her, in a ‘right back at ya’ style…
“Mummy don’t talk d me like that”

And this corker – “You shouldn’t say bloody hell mummy” (I think she’s heard me telling daddy off for swearing a few too many times). In my defence, that day we had spent ages getting ready to go out, and then baby Boyo threw up all down my top.

Not forgetting the phrases that make her sound like a wanna be Jessie J…

“Talk d me mummy, talk d me louder”

From listening to Babe it seems to me that I say darlin far too much, maybe it’s the west country influence.

“Alright darlin, I’m here” said to baby Boyo when crying and I’m not immediately available.

Plus the stark grammar issues:

“I do it, my big girl”

And finally the plea for me to quieten the baby:

“Mummy mummy, boyo wants more milk.”

What about your three year olds? Have you got any classic funnies to share?


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