Keeping Tidy

I’m almost tempted to give up on trying to be tidy. With a three year old and five month old it ain’t easy. I dread to think what squalor we’ll be living in in a year’s time when baby boyo is on the move and I’m back at work.

Cheerios everywhere, piles of chopped up straws mingled in with breadsticks. That was the living room for just an hour in the house this morning. I dash to my bedroom to grab a muslin for the baby splodge and almost fall arse over tit on the tiny Tupperware tub surrounded by shredded paper and hair clips.

Then I’m searching for what? Oh I dunno, probably some hair bobble that must be found. And I start wadding through what is the minefield of my daughters bedroom to find a wet flannel. As I pick it up and it unfurls, out drops my deodorant – wth?!

I’m nursing the boy on my bed and hear some strange noises from the bathroom next door. Low and behold the carpet is soaked, so is my daughter and one of her teddies has clearly had a bath in the sink. It was rather a comical picture, but I do keep getting wet feet when I go in.

Now await the dirty dishes, and the kitchen that needs cleaning. I’ll hop to it…not giving up quite yet!


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