GUEST POST from Amy: First Day Back at School – Yeah!

Texas based Amy, tells us about her relief to get the kids back to school…

Did you hear a collective sigh from all parents in Texas the other day?  That was the sound of dropping off the little darlings on the first day of this new school year.  Though the temperatures are still into the 100s, summer is now officially over and kids are back to school – yeah!!!!!

For our family, that means baseball, Scouts, piano lessons, after-school clubs, football games and more.  But most of all, for me, that means a QUIET house!  Working from home is great, but trying to do it while the kids are home is quite a challenge at times.  

Amy's two boys and their dog - chilled out at home after the first day back at school

This summer we didn’t have much of a routine once we got back from vacation, so that contributed to their boredom.  All in all they’re pretty good and they know not to bother me in my office unless 1) the house is on fire, or 2) a bear is chasing them.  That said, they watched WAY more t.v. than I care to admit.  And last week when they were surfing down the front stairs on a camping mat, I KNEW it was time to go back to school!  

So we’ll be back to the routine by the end of the week – come home, have a snack, unwind and watch t.v. for a half hour or so, homework, job of the day, practice your instrument, and by then it time for me to wrap it up at the office and fix dinner.  They’re old enough to be independent on most days, though lists do help, so this works pretty well most of the time.

That’s a huge bennie of working from home – I can be here to supervise and they’re not going off to after school care or coming home alone to an empty house.  I wouldn’t trade that for working in an office ever again.  Then Mom throws a wrench in the works and has to go out of town and it all blows up, but that’s a topic for another day…

I do miss spending lunch time with them and hearing their laughter in the background, but for now, the dog and I will enjoy the peaceful quiet in our house and get down to business.


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