Family fairy dancing

Jumping Beans at Exeter Phoenix Centre

Last Saturday I took Babe along to a dance class. Now I’m not one of those pushy mamas that believes we should push our little ones into ballet and playing the piano as soon as they can point their toes or splay their fingers. But I liked the idea of this class, just 30 minutes jiggling around to some music – more of a musical movement play session really.

My friend introduced me to this class held at the local arts centre (Exeter Phoenix) called Jumping Beans. The teacher is really relaxed and great with the little ones and parents can join in. As my friend and I (with our daughters) were the only ones present, we had a good old flail about too. In fact I think we were more puffed-out than our girlies.

Family fairy dancing
It’s funny how toddlers memories work. All of a sudden out of the blue, last night Babe declared that she wanted to do ‘dance class’. So I raided my sieve like prego brain for whole dances with music and worlds that I could remember. She didn’t like the Jungle, I was crap at Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, so we got hooked on the fairy dance game. And everyone had to join in, including daddy. Chasing round the room like a fairies, catching fairies.

I love moments like this, were child play spontaneously embraces the whole house.

This is the tea time fun I like 🙂