Ezcema Be Gone!

For some time poor baby Boyo has been the smily baby with a scabby head – the scabbage patch kid.
Erm, sorry my boy, I mean eczema. It was driving my little lad wild at night, scratch scratch scratch.

My husband kept suggesting that I take him to the doctor, but I really didn’t want to be slapping on the steroid cream. There must be a more natural way? I thought to myself.

I didn’t need to eliminate the use of soaps because I’ve only ever bathed him in clean warm water.

So we started with basting him up like a chicken with olive oil, but that didn’t really help much. Then I bought a natural baby face cream from Weleda, which seemed to help a little.

Nearing the end of my tube of Weleda cream, I dropped by my local branch of Neil’s Yard and thought I might give their creams a try. Hey, what’s good enough for me is good enough for Boyo. Yes their products do seem a little pricey sometimes, but sooo worth the money. The lady in the shop gave me a sample of a calendula and oatmeal cream that they often offer to people with ezcema. I took it home, but it wasn’t much different to the Weleda cream and was a bit too runny. So I returned to ask if they had anything a bit thicker that I could try.

The herbalist blokie explained that instead he could make up a bespoke cream just for Boyo. I was a little reserved about saying yes. I anticipated having to pay a small fortune. But when he explained that I would get a huge pot for £12 I agreed.

I applied it every nappy change (just cause that was a regular interval that reminded me), for about five days. That’s all it took! Now I apply it about twice a day.

It’s the best £12 I’ve spent in ages, his ezcema and scabby head is gone!

I can’t recommend the service that Neil’s Yard offer highly enough. If you’ve got any kind of skin complaint that you can’t get resolved, give them a go. They can even tweak a cream once they’ve made it up.

Here is a picture of the tub below with a list of the added ingredients that go in the base cream.