Three Year Old Antics

Preschoolers really can be a laugh a minute. I just had to share with you a couple of my daughters golden comedy moments from the last 48 hours.

As a parent, you will well know that it’s nigh on impossible to go to the loo alone. Not for a #1 and most certainly not for a #2 unless you can crap at the speed of light. Upon pulling up my jeans, my daughter said the following:

“mummy those are quite tight…because your big.”

Ok I get the big thing, she’s not inferring that I’m obese, just that adults are big and children her age are small. It’s what she followed it up with that was a little harsh.

“no you’re massive” followed by a huge grin.

Thank you in a sarcastic tone was really not the best answer, but my self defence mechanisms kicked in, now she thinks I like her calling me massive…hmmm ūüė¶

Today we had a new one. I was looking at the children’s clothes on sale in a shop. She picked up a pair of ear muffs and vocalised her wishes for them. “I want these”, then followed it up with “I want a laptop.” The women next to us smiled and said “she doesn’t want much does she”.

The not so comedy things that are seriously starting to grate on me is her total joy for cutting things, namely bits of paper. Hack hack hack, there are bits of shredded junk mail everywhere. And just when I have cleaned up, it’s like in her world, there is something missing. Yes bits of paper. I’m also not appreciating the breadstick crumbs in my bed, the endless amounts of bags being stuffed with an assortment of toys and goods from around the house and being piled in her bedroom.

But what am I to do? Smile, accept that I can’t even shit in peace and remember that I should enjoy every moment of it.


Maternity Leave is Here

Soap bubble
Image by Raphael Quinet via Flickr

Was I ready or what, the challenge of working full-time¬†and being a hands on mama to Babe, my 2.5 year old was taking its toll. I¬†enjoy my job, but it’s a bit manic at the moment so I’m kind of glad to be handing over the reigns during this period. Although it’s arguably going to be one of the most exciting times at work, it will be pretty full on too. So I wave so long to it till 2012 and focus on the real exciting stuff of introducing a new little person into the world.

In the meantime I’ve been¬†enjoying the moment,¬†of spending more time with Babe and getting all those must do jobs done that have been mounting up over recent months. I’m loving being a full-time stay at home mum, devoting my life to entertaining my toddler and cleaning…yes together Babe and I are embracing the cleaning. As I explained yesterday I don’t think this is nesting, just getting the necessaries done before I take leave of bothering about the house. One day last week within an hour we had cleaned all of the hall walls. Admittedly the carpets got a good soaking too, but it was warm enough not to be bothered.

We’ve also had more time for baking. We’ve made scones, cake, onion tart , quiche¬†and¬†more cake to date. I’m¬†feeding my prego grazing habits, trying to stock the freezer up, while trying to find ways to keep Babe entertained. Admittedly it gets messy, in fact we had scone mixture all over the table. So what did I do? Scoop it back in the bowl and splat it altogether. Hey ho, only Babe and I ate them anyway. If I can’t let her have fun while baking, then why bother? Despite their journey to existence, they were pretty yummy too.

Much needed respite
Two days of the week Babe continues to go to the childminders. I like to say this is to allow me to rest, which it partly is; but it also enables me to get certain jobs done that I struggle to do with her under my feet. As she enjoys going so much, I’m also reluctant to take this away from her.¬† And at the same time, I want to keep this up when the new baby comes and I really need a break from her demands. So generally its a win win, apart from the dent on the bank balance.

Toddler more settled
Since being home more, we’ve found that Babe seems to be so much more settled. The evenings are so much more chilled out, as she is spending less time grappling¬†for my time.¬† And I in turn spend less time trying to fit her in around doing chores. I am getting her up earlier too, which means that she goes to bed earlier, so hubby and I get to have some much-needed¬†catch up time, even if it’s just¬†to discuss jobs to be done for the rest of the week or concerns we might be having when Boyo enters our lives. There is no doubt that this has also taken the strain off hubby a bit.

We are all so much better for me starting maternity leave.

Tandem nursing with a toddler and baby here we come

Photo borrowed from TouchstoneZ Parenting blog

Soon¬†I am¬†about to start¬†my new breastfeeding journey of nursing a toddler and a newborn, which I’m sure will be greeted with another bought of skepticism¬†from the righteous. But I’m used to fighting such battles and defending my corner, so it should be a walk in the park. I say this hopefully, knowing what new baby hormones and lack of sleep do to me. Then again, I also know that the net result is usually me becoming more stubborn (determined).

Babe, my toddler of two years and nearly nine months is still happily breastfeeding¬†in the morning and evening. I have no intention to start planning an end date, it’s her call. With baby Boyo due very soon, for sure I will be breastfeeding them both. I’m really excited about this, as it has been¬†shown to really help sibling bonding and minimise the negative feelings the older child may have.

There is part of me that is a little apprehensive, as I hear that sometimes the older child in response to the new baby and lots of milk, is likely to start nursing frequently again. How will we as a family manage this? How will visitors react? Yes, I am¬†thinking, sod others, this is my family. But still I can’t help being a tiny bit bothered in such situations.

If truth be told I sometimes revel in being strong enough to step out of the mould and do what I believe is right regardless of¬†social norms. But there is the other side of me which doesn’t like being scorned on by others. But I guess that’s being a mother, no matter what parenting choices you make.

I ultimately feel so privileged that I am going to have the chance to try out tandem breastfeeding. Some would love to, but for many reasons they are not finally able to. So I’m determined to make the most of it.

If there are any tandem mothers out there willing to share some tips, I’d really love to hear them. Thanks.

Soft play birthday craziness

Multi-coloured plastic balls, as seen from a c...
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When I declined my husbands offer to come along to Sundays softplay birthday party I must have forgotten that:

a) I’m heavily pregnant
b) I’d had a crap nights sleep
c) Babe is always clingy till she gets used to her surroundings

I shouldn’t have been surprised that I would need to monkey climb and roll around in the softplay¬†zone until she got comfortable. Ooo¬†oooo¬†aaa aaa (beats chest in gorilla way).

OK so there was a big part of me that really enjoyed it, especially the big ol slide, but the fatigue that kicked in later reminded me that after all I am with child and¬†baby should be about 5lbs by now (as I’m 34 weeks pregnant today).

I was exceptionally glad when Babe latched onto her little friend and was overwhelmed by the cuteness of the two little girls helping each other up over obstacles, joint sliding and holding hands. I was supremely glad of the chance to sit down with a cuppa and vegetate for a small while. That was, until mummy presence was required for pass the parcel.

It was our first time to a proper birthday party, a paid for organised thing at a softplay centre. I was overwhelmed by how organised and smooth the whole affair was. The kiddies were super well-behaved too…I don’t think this is the norm is it?

When I got home I calculated how much this party must have cost the parents. Wow, I hope that we won’t be expected to¬†stump up the cash for so much for one party for¬†our little ones in the future. On that topic, what’s the standard amount you should spend on a birthday present too?


Early sentences from a toddler AKA Babe

Look Who's Talking
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As Babe my daughter of 2.5 years develops her speech, I’ve started to realise how often¬†I use certain phrases. Hearing these comments fired back at you not just by another, but from a little person is one of the funniest things and never fails to make me smile. That is because, as yet, we have not had any embarrassing incidents.

These are just a few that I recall within the last week that have made me smile:

“what is daddy like mummy?” Do I always say this to daddy?

“don’t throw it, do nicely” Does she hear this that often?

“back in a minute” I’ve realised I’m always saying this to fob her off – bad mummy.

“bye bye, I go shopping now” Do we shop that often? Well yes, perhaps we do.

“no, me do it, me big girl” It’s true I do keep encouraging her to be independent and be a big girl.

Then there are also those phrases which she can’t quite get right like…

“I want magner” … She wants a mini magnum ice cream. Took me a while to figure this out.

“where’s woodburer¬†gone mummy” … that’s a wood pigeon.

So it’s all¬†smiles and pride at the moment, but I can feel it welling up…she’s getting ready to embarrass us in a big way. Just recently I remember¬†a comment from a lady I follow on twitter. While she was on the phone to a client of hers, her toddler walked up to her holding her bra and shouted “mummy you’ve got big boobies”. Thanks for that addition to the conversation, perfect timing.

What about you, got any funny stories to share on this topic?

Early #2 Pregnancy Fears

Cats Eyes

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

When I first found out I was pregnant I was stricken with mixed emotions. Yay, no more end of cycle thoughts of “oh damn the monthly lady has come back and there’s no bun in the oven”. Well I only had a couple of months like that, so I can’t moan.

Then the reality dawned on me, I was going to have to share my attentions given to babe with another. I was stricken by guilt at just the very thought of dividing my attention.

Argh the hours I wittled away in the middle of the night (in between my gazzillion pee trips) worrying…

– what if I get so consumed by the new baby that my babe gets pushed aside?

– on the other hand, what if I don’t bond with the new baby in the same wonderful magnetic way that I have with babe? And then don’t give baby enough loving attention?

– how am I going to fairly divide my love and attention between the two?

After some googling, (my where would we be without google?) I realised that I wasn’t some freak mother, all these thoughts were normal. Oh to be normal, sometimes it’s such a nice feeling to know that you conform. Yes this was one of those parenting normal comforting moments.

People tell me that it’s suprising; you have an endless amount of love, it’s time you’re short on.

Now my biggest concern is jealousy, how to keep this at a minimum. I’ve read lots of stuff, but what are your top tips?

Maternity cover interviews

Monkey and baby

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the office interviewing people for my job while I’m on maternity leave.

It’s strange looking for your own perfect replacement, and interviewing them is more weird. Yet kind of satisfying being on the other side of the table – now its my turn to ask those nasty questions ūüôā

I’m kinda¬†glad that it’s been a challenge to find the perfect person. In fact there is no perfect person to fill my shoes, how dare anyone think to imply such a terrible¬†thing ūüėČ

But OMG some of the ladies should be able to show me a thing or too, and that’s kind of intimidating. In my usual optimist perspective I’m trying to take this opportunity to get someone with better skills than me in some areas, so they can help me improve my skills (not snuggle in tight to MY job).

It’s mine, it’s mine and I know my legal rights…don’t get any ideas ladies.

It was a long day with three interviews, should have been four but one woman didn’t turn up. The cheek! That’s just so rude don’t you think? And I’d almost given myself indigestion by yomping down my lunch mid web meeting in order to be¬†ready in time for her arrival.

Anyways as the afternoon wore on I began to wane, one interview melded into another to the point in the final session of the day I was talking and had to stop to ask and confess that I wasn’t sure where I was going. Oh crap, how unprofessional. I was tired, I’d been up early re-writing a work¬†document at 7.15am before even attempting the long drive up the motorway to the office. That’s not factoring my disturbed night sleep from left leg prego sciatica. So where was I? He he, making that very same point. Well I think that’s that point made sufficiently.

The quote of the day
This had to be when packing up with the last interviewee. I bent down on all fours on the floor ( dog like) to unplug the laptop power cable and she kindly asked if I was ok. My answer was “oh no I’m fine, that position is great for my back”

We both laughed and commented on how wrong that sounded. Thank god it was a woman, or not one of my super dirty minded colleagues that would revel in repeatedly reminding me of it.