A Day Alone…and what did I do? Paint

I’m kind of hoping today might have been the last one I have on my own for some time (now just five days till expected due date). Call me delusional, but I can live in hopes.

So what did I chose to do? Touch up the paint on the walls, and guess what? I’ve been loving it. Soooo satisfying! Even my perfectionist husband was suitably impressed when he got home tonight (this rarely happens as I am more of a slap dash kinda gal).

My mum is determined that I had been enjoying the painting too much for me to rationally explain that this is just me getting things done. I’m officially nesting. Apparently during our wall painting chat, thanks to the handsfree headset, I sounded high. Maybe the paint fumes? I sure hope not, here I am eating healthy and stuff to preserve the well being of my baby and to then undo this with paint fumes is just not on.

Anyway back to the suggestion that I sounded high, well I’ve been enjoying it. But maybe, just maybe I can admit that mum is right. I’m hoping that maybe I’ve been having that last minute splurge of energy some women talk about, just before going into labour. Maybe tonight could be the night. Maybe maybe baby…but no further signs yet 😦

Back to my painting. I’m hoping reading this post isn’t going to be as dull as watching the stuff dry. What is so fab about wall painting that is just about touching up, is there is non of the fiddly diddly bits, just covering up the real obvious nasty stuff. It’s the instant results kind if DIY I like. Plus I don’t have to worry about meeting the high standards of the other half.

With Duffy and Amy MacDonald turned up high, I spent my day painting while jiggling the baby belly in an effort to persuade him to get a wiggle on. Subsequently I didn’t hear my mobile or the landline ringing multiple times, leaving hubby wondering and worrying that maybe I’d gone into labour. Yesterday I also missed his calls due to the toddler racket. The poor guy might go into fake labour himself at this rate, if I keep leaving his calls unanswered. Must remember to keep the racket down and turn up the ring tone!


Clingy Toddler in Late Pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in a blog post that Babe is a lot more chilled out with me on maternity leave and generally we felt she was less needy for my attention all of the time. So I spoke too soon, I now have a high needs toddler, with the needs being focused on mummy.

Last night I tried getting her into her own bed. After two long comfort nursing sessions that failed I gave up, she could sleep and snuggle with me. I’ve been ok with this on the occasions recently, but last night she was the biggest wriggle monster you could imagine. She worked her way off the bed at one point to drop onto the cushions on the floor and remained asleep. For a few seconds I contemplated moving her back onto the bed, but she looked so comfy and I really wanted the bed to myself for a short spell that I left her there. I woke a couple of hours later upon hearing her gently banging her head on the bed frame. She was still asleep but thought now was a good time to get her back into bed (my bed). She seemed to need me to snuggle up to to stay asleep. No nursing was required, merely a snuggle. I’m cool with that as long as she stays put. But she didn’t, wriggle, wriggle, iggle piggle!

In the day she is so clingy, even when it’s just me and her. First thing in the morning she is also wanting a mammoth nursing session, like an hour plus. She is determined there is still milk there an hour in, but surely not. She’s a quick drinker now. I was wondering if it might be colostrum (for baby Boyo due in less than two weeks), and maybe that takes her longer to drink? Yet, I think it’s more likely that she wants the comfort. I’m cool with this morning nursing session in bed as it gives me the perfect excuse to lie back and relax before I need to jump into Babes hugger come entertainer.

It’s the constant neediness throughout the day that can get draining. I do still need to do the dishes and cook tea. Admittedly I resorted to wearing her in the Ergo on my back the other day, just for a few minutes while I moved the dinner along.

I’m convinced this is her knowing Boyo is coming soon and feeling a little insecure. But I’d love to hear about how other older children have reacted in this situation. Better, worse?

Late Pregnancy: Come on Baby

I’ve almost had it with being pregnant. Tomorrow I’m 38 weeks and wishing it were the end. Surely this kid is nearly done baking?

The latest development in suffering has started to tip the balance. I’m still sleeping well, but getting increasingly tired, and hence not relishing my time with Babe (my toddler) as much. We’re still having a ball, I’m just finding it much harder than a week and a half ago.

WARNING: Don’t read the next bit if you don’t want to hear about puke.

The arrival of the desire to puke when I lie down is really ticking me off. And it’s not from nausea but a feeling at the back of my throat like my food has not gone down properly. Yet at the same time I’m blooming starving! Just before bed I really need to chow down a bowl full of cereal to keep up my nursing prego mama carbohydrates, but after a chunder incident the other night, I’m airing on the side of no ‘supper caution’. Instead I slope off to bed feeling a little hungry with a cereal bar to shove in my drawer should I wake up totally starving in the night.

The general food thing is driving me mad too, I can’t eat much and then I’m famished again 30 minutes later. I need an all day buffet in my house.

Bedtime is also disturbed by baby Boyo and his evening excersises, it sometimes feels like he is doing ten rounds in a boxing rink and I’m the opponent, except it’s dirty fighting where anything goes – kicks, head-buts, the lot.

So I’m now talking very sweetly (ok, so perhaps not so sweet) to baby Boyo, asking him to get a move on with his fattening up and final lung developments, and then get the hell outta there.

I’d really like him to be a September baby, as I am myself a Virgo. But I’d rather he didn’t make his arrival on my birthday. Which might yet be the case as his due date is a couple of days before. If I were to choose, and I know I can’t, but if I could, he would be born on Friday.

Babe, my toddler was nine days late, I’m really hoping that the theory (or is it an old wives tale?) that the second one is often early, comes through for us. Obviously I don’t want him to be born until all development is complete, and I won’t be forced into early induction at 10 days post due, but all the same I’d like it to be over with shortly.

Come on Boyo the end is nigh, it’s time for our meeting. Please don’t be late, that’s just not polite.

Maternity Leave is Here

Soap bubble
Image by Raphael Quinet via Flickr

Was I ready or what, the challenge of working full-time and being a hands on mama to Babe, my 2.5 year old was taking its toll. I enjoy my job, but it’s a bit manic at the moment so I’m kind of glad to be handing over the reigns during this period. Although it’s arguably going to be one of the most exciting times at work, it will be pretty full on too. So I wave so long to it till 2012 and focus on the real exciting stuff of introducing a new little person into the world.

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the moment, of spending more time with Babe and getting all those must do jobs done that have been mounting up over recent months. I’m loving being a full-time stay at home mum, devoting my life to entertaining my toddler and cleaning…yes together Babe and I are embracing the cleaning. As I explained yesterday I don’t think this is nesting, just getting the necessaries done before I take leave of bothering about the house. One day last week within an hour we had cleaned all of the hall walls. Admittedly the carpets got a good soaking too, but it was warm enough not to be bothered.

We’ve also had more time for baking. We’ve made scones, cake, onion tart , quiche and more cake to date. I’m feeding my prego grazing habits, trying to stock the freezer up, while trying to find ways to keep Babe entertained. Admittedly it gets messy, in fact we had scone mixture all over the table. So what did I do? Scoop it back in the bowl and splat it altogether. Hey ho, only Babe and I ate them anyway. If I can’t let her have fun while baking, then why bother? Despite their journey to existence, they were pretty yummy too.

Much needed respite
Two days of the week Babe continues to go to the childminders. I like to say this is to allow me to rest, which it partly is; but it also enables me to get certain jobs done that I struggle to do with her under my feet. As she enjoys going so much, I’m also reluctant to take this away from her.  And at the same time, I want to keep this up when the new baby comes and I really need a break from her demands. So generally its a win win, apart from the dent on the bank balance.

Toddler more settled
Since being home more, we’ve found that Babe seems to be so much more settled. The evenings are so much more chilled out, as she is spending less time grappling for my time.  And I in turn spend less time trying to fit her in around doing chores. I am getting her up earlier too, which means that she goes to bed earlier, so hubby and I get to have some much-needed catch up time, even if it’s just to discuss jobs to be done for the rest of the week or concerns we might be having when Boyo enters our lives. There is no doubt that this has also taken the strain off hubby a bit.

We are all so much better for me starting maternity leave.

Forever hungry while 35 weeks pregnant and breastfeeding

Hungry Horse
Image by swisscan via Flickr

I call myself the hungry horse…nom nom nom. But now baby is getting quite big (as I’m now 35 weeks pregnant), I’m finding it hard to stay full up for long, as I can no longer cram a giant plate of food into my belly.

I can’t eat all my dinner because I get full quickly, but then 30 minutes later (when my remaining dinner has turned cold and nasty) I’m hungry again. This continues for the rest of the evening as I hunt around the kitchen diving back and forth from snacks like hoola hoops, yogurt, cereal bars, fruit and cup cakes.

It’s starting to pee me off just a little bit. I’m even starting to tire of eating cake sometimes – which is unheard of for me.

The hungry pregnant breastfeeding horse
I recall the need to graze a lot during my last pregnancy, but not to this scale. This can of course all be explained because I have a nursing toddler this time around.
Hmm, well that still doesn’t help my hunger.

The last five days Babe (my two and half year old), has also been rather under the weather, so nursing a little more than usual – which has fed my hunger to a point that I am just sick of needing to eat all the time.

I’m running out of snack inspiration!
I’m loving fruit like strawberries and grapes but these just don’t give me the carbs that my body is crying out for. And don’t go there with cereals and toasted yeasted stuff  like bread, bagels, crumpets and the likes – been there, done that, got the temporary full up feeling (I got the T shirt too, but it doesn’t fit anymore). What I struggle with the most is finding healthy snack food that is going to fill me up. If I had more energy I’d bake some nice yummies, but at 35 weeks pregnant, with a toddler and still working full time, this is out of the question.

Not wanting to be a constant moaner. On the upside, I’ve discovered the joys of banana vanilla milkshakes. Which help my dehydration issues, give me a sugar boost and also features one of my five a day.

Soft play birthday craziness

Multi-coloured plastic balls, as seen from a c...
Image via Wikipedia

When I declined my husbands offer to come along to Sundays softplay birthday party I must have forgotten that:

a) I’m heavily pregnant
b) I’d had a crap nights sleep
c) Babe is always clingy till she gets used to her surroundings

I shouldn’t have been surprised that I would need to monkey climb and roll around in the softplay zone until she got comfortable. Ooo oooo aaa aaa (beats chest in gorilla way).

OK so there was a big part of me that really enjoyed it, especially the big ol slide, but the fatigue that kicked in later reminded me that after all I am with child and baby should be about 5lbs by now (as I’m 34 weeks pregnant today).

I was exceptionally glad when Babe latched onto her little friend and was overwhelmed by the cuteness of the two little girls helping each other up over obstacles, joint sliding and holding hands. I was supremely glad of the chance to sit down with a cuppa and vegetate for a small while. That was, until mummy presence was required for pass the parcel.

It was our first time to a proper birthday party, a paid for organised thing at a softplay centre. I was overwhelmed by how organised and smooth the whole affair was. The kiddies were super well-behaved too…I don’t think this is the norm is it?

When I got home I calculated how much this party must have cost the parents. Wow, I hope that we won’t be expected to stump up the cash for so much for one party for our little ones in the future. On that topic, what’s the standard amount you should spend on a birthday present too?


A bad case of baby brain in pregnancy

The human brain
Image via Wikipedia

My memory at the moment is diabolical and I’m putting it  down to baby brain.

It’s a scientific thing
I was proudly telling the lady who is doing my maternity cover (as a way to make myself not look so darn stupid), that baby brain is a scientific thing. As I came to write this post and do a bit more digging on the internet I found one of the latest research reports (2009) which says that you do not become less intelligent, in fact in the long run you become more intelligent – woop woop!

AND…Get this; a woman’s brain might change for the better with motherhood. Not get worse!

I also particularly liked the bit that suggested hormonal fluctuations during birth and breastfeeding increase the size of the cells in some areas of the brain, leading to dramatic improvements in mental capacity.

You can read a nice summary of this research on the Daily Mail’s website here.

Brain is remodelling in pregnancy

Turns out (according to this study) that “’While a woman may experience an apparent loss of brain function while she is pregnant, this could be because parts of her brain are being remodelled in preparation for dealing with the complicated demands of child-rearing.” Dr Kinsley of Richmond University in Virginia.

The lady who is doing my maternity cover came up with a great analogy for this, explaining that I am like a computer downloading new software ready for the arrival of my new baby, which is currently taking up all my memory.

Back to my baby brain
The most embarrassing stories of my baby brain have involved me repeatedly forgetting my bank card numbers and leaving the cards themselves in pay machines. The pressure of a meltdown in Lidl from Babe, as I nearly had to put her lolly pop moulds back on the shelf, prompted my faulting memory and I managed to retrieve the four digits from the deepest darkest reaches of my brain just in time.

Then there is just the general forgetfulness like going to the shop to buy bread and getting home with everything BUT bread.

So what is your most embarrassing case of baby brain forgetfulness?