Three Year Old Antics

Preschoolers really can be a laugh a minute. I just had to share with you a couple of my daughters golden comedy moments from the last 48 hours.

As a parent, you will well know that it’s nigh on impossible to go to the loo alone. Not for a #1 and most certainly not for a #2 unless you can crap at the speed of light. Upon pulling up my jeans, my daughter said the following:

“mummy those are quite tight…because your big.”

Ok I get the big thing, she’s not inferring that I’m obese, just that adults are big and children her age are small. It’s what she followed it up with that was a little harsh.

“no you’re massive” followed by a huge grin.

Thank you in a sarcastic tone was really not the best answer, but my self defence mechanisms kicked in, now she thinks I like her calling me massive…hmmm 😦

Today we had a new one. I was looking at the children’s clothes on sale in a shop. She picked up a pair of ear muffs and vocalised her wishes for them. “I want these”, then followed it up with “I want a laptop.” The women next to us smiled and said “she doesn’t want much does she”.

The not so comedy things that are seriously starting to grate on me is her total joy for cutting things, namely bits of paper. Hack hack hack, there are bits of shredded junk mail everywhere. And just when I have cleaned up, it’s like in her world, there is something missing. Yes bits of paper. I’m also not appreciating the breadstick crumbs in my bed, the endless amounts of bags being stuffed with an assortment of toys and goods from around the house and being piled in her bedroom.

But what am I to do? Smile, accept that I can’t even shit in peace and remember that I should enjoy every moment of it.